Friday, August 28, 2020

Here's the Scoop!


Please check your child's folder daily. I will use the folders to send home your child's work or important information to you. Please put any notes, paperwork for the office, or money that you may be sending to school in your child's folder and return it to school.


If you need to send any money or checks to school, please put them in an envelope with your child's name written on it.


Our students eat their lunch in our classroom and have the option of buying lunch or bringing their lunches from home. Like all the classrooms in our school, no foods containing peanuts or tree nuts may be brought for snack time or for lunch. For students purchasing school lunch, menus and information about our school lunch program is available on our website. If your child is buying lunch, please put a note in your child's folder  telling us your child's choice for that day or keep a copy of the current menu in your child's folder and circle his or her choices. Sometimes our students do not remember they are getting a school lunch or are unsure of the items on the menu.


Every morning we have a snack. Please send in healthy snacks for your child that do not contain nuts or peanuts.  Please check labels of foods sent for snack time to ensure they are nut free. Your child will need to bring a water bottle too.

Label Belongings

Please put your child's name or initials on all his or her belongings.

Notes and Emails

Notes placed in your child's folder and emails are good ways to communicate with me. I will respond as promptly as I can, but may not see your email until later in the day, since I am busy with the children. If, for example, your plans change for picking up your child that day, the best way to contact me is to call the office and I will be notified immediately.


Birthdays are important in Pre-K. While we do not have birthday parties in our class, we do make it a special day for our students. Children are encouraged to bring in a favorite book that will be read to the class.